Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ample closets and bathrooms

Closet in the front bedroom is almost 12 feet wide.
Pristine linen closet in the hall is 4 feet wide.
Closet in the third bedroom is modest.
Kitchen Pantry is very generous.
The master bath has 2 sinks and a large shower, and a frosted window onto the atrium for natural light. Closet for the Master Bedroom is Wonderful! And there is a high shelf for luggage storage or?
I am adding pictures a bit along.
If you are relocating from another area, do check out the relocation help on the Chamber of Commerce web site. Ours is a wonderful little city!
Thank you for looking! Edyth

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  1. It looks as beautiful and inviting as everything you and Jack (and the rest of the FBG posse) create. Makes me want to retire (again) and move to Fredericksburg.